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Is the commons creative?

I have been revisiting my statement to the Legislative Committee on Bill C-11.  In April I attended Innovate/Activate in Berkeley awash with posters for Kony 2012.  I went to I/A priarily as it drew from a wide range of those whose focus is on the public interest compoenet of intellectual property.  Those with whom I often find common cause.


Bill C-11 - next steps

The clause by clause is complete and there is now an amended Bill C-11. Sadly the amendments do not address the many concerns that I, and many creators and educators I know, have about the impact of C-11. I have read a good amount of commentary over the last few weeks - all the usual suspects weighing in.

Legislative Committee on Bill C-11:Text of statement

March 7: Presentation to the Legislative Committee on Bill C-11 My name is Martha Rans and I am the Legal Director of the Artists’ Legal Outreach and Education Society(ALO) in Vancouver. I am a lawyer who has been advising artists for more than 18 years. The ALO has provided advice information and education to 1000's of BC creators. As a copyright educator I have lectured in several post secondary settings to hundreds of students of art and design. They are the future of the creative sector in this country. Creativity flourishes irrespective of the law. It always has and it always will.


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