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Copyright,Cory Doctorow and me

Last week I was fortunate to find myself at SIGGRAPH and see Cory Doctorow's keynote.  It was inspiring.  To have him here in Vancouver as we make the final preparations for "Art, Revolution and Ownership" lit the fire under me to get writing again.   Here are some excerpts of what he said:

Here in the digital age, we copy like we breathe, and so the stakes for getting the rules right on copyright have never been higher

Art, Revolution, Ownership

Is creativity in the code or is the code creative?  Are you an artist, a revolutionary, an owner?  Questions of ownership permeate our culture - sample a sound, claim the East Van sign, remix a logo.  Whether you're an artist playing with images, a coder or an activist at some point you've probably asked yourself whether what you are doing is legal.  On September 8 please join us at the W2 Atrium (SFU Woodward's) when some dancers, artists, even a lawyer or a few,  Laura Murray (musician, creator, academic, mother and founder of and co-author of 

The Future of Art

Yesterday I heard Tony Clement, Minister of Industry on the CBC.  He was commenting on the CRTC decision to uphold usage based internet billing.  He claimed that his interest was in ensuring a menu of options for Canadians.  He also called upon Bell to share.  What is curious to me about these comments is that he seems deaf to the calls from artists to ensure some remunerative potential from digital access to their work in the form of some kind of levy.   Artists would also like a menu of options including support for their work, their spaces to create, and a royalty pool/or levy.

Copyright 2011: Looking forward

The year ends much as it began with a sense that while everything has changed more stays the same.  The debate around Bill C-32 continues - with little obvious progress from the outside looking in.  Moore and Clement held a press conference where again the  "iPod tax" was used to generate media and public attention.  They claim they speak for consumers.  Yet I have not met anyone who begrudges paying creators for their work - nor for that matter do the Consumers Association, PIAC and the Union des Consommateurs.  Artists are also consumers and users of content.  Perhaps the theory is that i


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