Art, Revolution, Ownership

Is creativity in the code or is the code creative?  Are you an artist, a revolutionary, an owner?  Questions of ownership permeate our culture - sample a sound, claim the East Van sign, remix a logo.  Whether you're an artist playing with images, a coder or an activist at some point you've probably asked yourself whether what you are doing is legal.  On September 8 please join us at the W2 Atrium (SFU Woodward's) when some dancers, artists, even a lawyer or a few,  Laura Murray (musician, creator, academic, mother and founder of and co-author of 

Copyright Issues for Artists Workshop in Castlegar

On Wednesday June 1st. the Kootenay Gallery of Art in Castlegar will be hosting a workshop in partnership with CARFAC BC on Copyright Issues for artists of all disciplines and how these issues impact their professional practice. This interactive workshop will be facilitated by Martha Rans, lawyer and Director of Legal Artist Outreach.


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