The ALO is pleased to present our new Toolkits. These toolkits have been designed to provide artists with a basic understanding of copyright and copyright related issues.

We are presenting twelve different toolkits.  With changes to the Copyright Act almost in place not all have been published. We will have revisions available this Summer 2012.   More will emerge.

 What do I need to know? 

 What is covered under copyright? 

 How do I copyright my work?

 How long does copyright last? 

 How do I give away some control? 

What is fair dealing and fair use?

 What is Creative Commons? 

 What is infringement? 

 I’m a painter

 I am a musician

I’m a photographer

 I’m a writer or blogger 

Finally, we'd like to acknowledge all who helped with the research, writing, content, design and other work on these Toolkits. The  Law Foundation of BC funded the project, Sharon J Mah, Jennifer Chew and Peter Eirikson got us going, ECUAD students in Copyright and Remix Culture kept us thinking, Vanessa Richmond and Arndt Klos editor were our editor and designer respectively. A truly collaborative effort shepherded by Martha Rans.

We deeply appreciate all of your contributions.