What is an artwork worth?

Rebecca Belmore: " [Worth] started out with the whole idea of: what is an artwork worth?  Who is allowed to give and who is allowed to take?  So it's all about giving and taking and the fact that the art - not just the object, more the idea - belongs to me.  Artists are very generous people and I wanted to publicly illustrate that."

New thoughts on copyright

A year after my appearance at the National Copyright Consultations - we continue to be stuck within the paradigms of the past.  Thanks to some who continue to push me to work harder and challenge my thinking about the digital realms (thanks Mark Hosler, Lewis Hyde and Scott Nelson) I have come across something that I must repost in its part from Alan Toner's blog KnowFuture.  I met Alan last year at the Open Video Alliance in NYC.  I'd love to invite him to Vancouver to help us move the paradig


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