Charlie Angus introduces proposed changes to Copyright Act

Last week in Ottawa, Charlie Angus introduced a private member's bill proposing changes to the Copyright Act.  The proposed changes include a levy on iPod (and similar digital devices) to provide a new revenue stream to creators, and an expansion of fair dealing.  Since its introduction last month an open letter has been circulating supporting the proposed changes to fair dealing.  I have been reading and following some of the commentary and  share the following thoughts.

Copyright Criminals

We are really pleased to announce that we will be co-hosting with ECUAD and W2 a screening of this PBS documentary film Copyright Criminals.  On April 18th at 7pm join us at W2 for a screening followed by a q&a with the producer Kembrew McLeod.  Among other things Kembrew writes about copyright at least as coherently and with a good deal more wit than many.  His knowledge of music and musical cultures especially oral traditions and hip-hop are demonstrated in this film

Surviving the Cuts to the Arts

On Monday, the BC Provincial Government announced that "adult" arts and culture organizations will be shut out of Gaming funding. Most arts organizations will have to confront a cold reality with their administrative funds in peril. For help to manage this, the ALO, the Dancer Transition Resource Centre and the Cultch are offering a 3 part series beginning March 24th.

Lessig's Wireside Chat

With rumours of possible copyright changes in Canada coming with the Throne Speech in March I thought it a good idea to connect us with Lawrence Lessig's upcoming Wireside Chat.  The Chat will be live streamed to W2 in Vancouver on February 25th at 3 pm pst.  Check out the attached poster for all the info.


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