Copyright Issues for Artists Workshop in Castlegar

On Wednesday June 1st. the Kootenay Gallery of Art in Castlegar will be hosting a workshop in partnership with CARFAC BC on Copyright Issues for artists of all disciplines and how these issues impact their professional practice. This interactive workshop will be facilitated by Martha Rans, lawyer and Director of Legal Artist Outreach.

Report of the Public Commission on Legal Aid

Today, we received the report of the Public Commission on Legal Aid.  The Commissioners made nine recommendations:  

1. Recognize legal aid as an essential public service
2. Develop a new approach to define core services and priorities
3. Modernize and expand financial eligibility
4. Establish regional legal aid centers and innovative service delivery
5. Expand public engagement and political dialogue
6. Increase long term, stable funding

The Future of Art

Yesterday I heard Tony Clement, Minister of Industry on the CBC.  He was commenting on the CRTC decision to uphold usage based internet billing.  He claimed that his interest was in ensuring a menu of options for Canadians.  He also called upon Bell to share.  What is curious to me about these comments is that he seems deaf to the calls from artists to ensure some remunerative potential from digital access to their work in the form of some kind of levy.   Artists would also like a menu of options including support for their work, their spaces to create, and a royalty pool/or levy.


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