Our People


Martha Rans is the Legal Director of the ALO. She has been practicing law in British Columbia since 1997, and works extensively with arts organizations, not-for-profit societies and visual and multimedia digital artists.  She is the Project Lead is former project lead in Vancouver of Creative Commons Canada.  She teaches copyright at Emily Carr University, UBC Continuing Studies, as well as extensively across BC. You can find out more about her here.

Steve McKoen is a partner at Blakes, and practices in the areas of securities, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and corporate governance. He has been active in the arts community both in Vancouver and New York, where he was a volunteer for Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts New York.

Rodney Kyle is a sole practitioner. He is experienced in all intellectual property matters. He is a Chartered Arbitrator in IP or IP-related disputes, e.g. domain name disputes and an experienced advocate.

Bennett Lee is presently a partner with Boughton.

Others who have stepped up: David Wotherspoon, Andrew Atkins, Kyle Fogden, Bennett Lee, Margaret Mason, Harvey Meller (Board member), Denis Walz, and Michael Blatchford.


Clinic Coordinator: James Struthers  
Law students: Dan Zajac, Leo Daniels, Catherine Repel, Lindsay Dykstra, Wil Scott, Jassy Cheng, Benjamin Shirvani, Jasmine Fernando, and David Heinrich.


Rob Gloor, President - Executive Director, Alliance for Arts and Culture
Michael E. Reid, Secretary/Treasurer - Associate, McMillan LLP
Steven McKoen, Director - Partner, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Harvey Meller, Director - Kerr, Redekop Business Lawyers
Graham J. Reynolds, Director - Assistant Professor, UBC Faculty of Law

SUPPORTERS in 2013/2014

Joost Blom
Joan Chambers
Francis Chang
Daniel Dex
Rob Gloor
David Gruber
Bill Kaplan, Q.C.
Gina Marisa Lupino
Garth McAlister
Steve McKoen
Harvey Meller
Clea Parfitt
Mike Reid
Graham J. Reynolds
Richard Sehmer
Max Weder
Meaghan Williams
Bill Woodson

The ALO is grateful for the support of the following people who have given their time and expertise in the past:

Scott Nelson (former Board member)
Sharon J Mah
Michael Scholar Jr. (former Board member)
Nikoletta Read
Judi Piggott
Andrea Ryer
Millie Bajic
Jennifer Chew (former Board member)
Justine Chambers (former Board member)
Joshua Dedora
Ilia Korkh
Katie McConchie
Andrei Mincov
Eric Laxton
Jeremy Hessing-Lewis
Dereck Toker
Peter Eirickson
Robert Galletti
Denis Walz
Richard Sehmer
Jeremy Fung
Jennifer Jackson
Christina Bulbrook
Michelle Adams
Ben Eberhard
Jaime Mellott
Paul Parker

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